About Zola Gifts

Zola Gifts is a family run business that set out to find unique gifts, coming from Africa we have a great love for all hand crafted products and are very passionate about Fair trade.  We offer a wide variety of gifts many of which are fair trade certified.

We believe that a well chosen gift can have a positive effect on one’s soul. So we have scouted only the most desirable and ethically traded products where possible to sell in our store.

By purchasing ethically traded products we can all make a huge impact on the artisans quality of life. Our aim is to provide our customers with unique gifts and to promote ethical trading to ensure that a fair days work receives a fair wage.

 We stock a great range of inspiring products from jewellery to home ware, so why not unwrap something special today!

Meet the Team

Tashana ~ Sales & Marketing

Tashana joined Zola Gifts in early 2013 having travelled to Africa on sourcing trips and worked with African charities.  Tashana brings a wealth of knowledge to the business, her hobbies are photography, travel and animals.

Helen ~ Customer Services

Helen joined Zola Gifts in late 2013 having lived and worked in Africa for many years.  Helen offers years of experience and knows first hand the importance of fair trade, her hobbies are health, motor bikes and travel.

Helen has recently retired, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank Helen for all of her hard work throughout the years and to also wish her the very best of luck in her new adventure.

Shay ~ IT, Finance & Owner

Shay started Zola Gifts with a dream for creating a unique gift shop and a way of giving back to the Artizans who work so hard to provide the beautifully handcrafted products, her hobbies are travel, animals and joining the Fair Trade Revolution!