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Our Kisii Story!

Kisii Soapstone from Kenya

Here is a little snippet about how one member of the teams volunteering experience in Kenya lead to our love for Kisii Soapstone.

“At the heart of Zola Gifts is a philosophy that each member of the team lives by. This is to ensure that we promote a fair price to the talented artists that supply us with such beautiful gifts.

So while a member of the team was volunteering in Western Kenya last year, she was so amazed when she stumbled upon a small village in Kisii, where soapstone crafts are very much part of everyday life for these villagers.

Kisii is located in Southwestern Kenya, and is predominantly inhabited by the Gusii community (also known as the Kisii), a Bantu people. The Kisii people are known for their soapstone carvings, basketry and pottery.

The soapstone can be found in the Tabaka Hills of Western Kenya near the town. It is a soft and easily worked stone which, comes in a variety of colors ranging from cream and lavender to black. It is then carved into various works of art, such as vases, food bowls and African animals which are then polished and decorated before being sold in art and crafts shop around Kenya.

At Zola Gifts we were so passionate about the town of Kisii that we have brought to you some of their amazing handcrafted gifts. Thank you for your continued support in offering a fair price to the people who deserve it most. ”

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