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Zola Gifts Sunday Baking – Banana Bread!

Banana Bread

At Zola Gifts, one of our FAV recipes is Banana Bread! Its simple and you can use fairtrade ingredients! Try this one for a weekend of baking and make sure to send us a pic or two! Enjoy x
•175 gm (6oz) soft butter
•175 gm (6oz) Fairtrade brown sugar
•175 gm (6oz) self-raising flour
•25 gm (1oz) Fairtrade cocoa
•4 large eggs beaten
•4 tablespoons golden syrup
•175 gm (6oz) Fairtrade dark chocolate chopped
•1 large Fairtrade banana, mashed
•4 tablespoons water
1.Preheat oven 180C /Gas Mark 4
2.Line a loaf tin.
3.Beat all the ingredients together except for the chocolate and banana with 4 tablespoons water until smooth and creamy.
4.Fold in banana and chocolate.
5.Bake for 1 hour or until a skewer comes out clean!
Zola Gifts Banana Bread
Zola Gifts Banana Bread